Reliable and professional service from the members of the Finnish Association of Funeral Services

Services of Funeral Homes

Death touches all of us at some point. It is alway a shock, especially on the passing of a close person. Even with grief it is necessary to start the arrangementsi for funeral. The easiest way is to contact a funeral home, that will take care of all the matters regarding the funerals according to the requests of the family. From the funeral home you also get support and help on all the questions considering the funeral. You can find the contact information of the neares funeral home from Search for a funeral home - page

You may chooce the funeral home you want freely, regardless of which organization took care of the transport of the deceased from the place of care to the hospital or in other instance. It is not necessary for the funeral home to be located in the home municipality of the deceased.

We recommend that you contact the funeral home in advance and make an appointment for your visit. This way you may make an agreement on the funeral arrangements at a time that best suits you and is reserved for you. You also avoid the possible wait. The appointment may be made also outside the office hours, most of our members have telephone service and guidance available around the clock.

Funeral and memorial service

The funeral is conducted according to the religion or beliefs of the deceased and according to the wishes of the family. The deceased may also have given instructions for his/her funeral in advance. More on pre-need planning here.

If the family wishes, the funeral home contacts the parish and makes a booking for the funeral at a chapel or church, agrees on the time with the priest, makes a reservation for the funeral site and agrees on other details for the burial or cremation and funeral.

The deceased is buried or cremated in a coffin. The ashes are usually buried in an urn or scattered. With the permission of the owner of the land or water the ashes may be scattered in nature. The coffin and the urn, if necessary, are acquired from the funeral home. The funeral home also acquires the necessary permits. The funeral home takes care of the dressing of the deceased, casketing and transport. The family may be present for the transport, if they wish. A short religious service may be held at the day of the transport.

From the funeral home you can obtain advice on the program for the funeral and memorial service. Befor a funeral in the church the family will have a conversation with the priest and agree on the hymns for the funeral. The other music for the funeral is discussed with the cantor.

From the funeral home it is also possible to order the flower arrangement on the coffin and the flowers for the family, chapel and the memorial services site as well as the serving for the memorial service.

After the funeral

The funeral homes also help with the planning and acquiring of the headstone or other marker for the grave or take care of the engraving or other marking of the existing memorial.

Funeral homes proved estate inventories and provide guidance on the matter. In the estate inventory a document stating for example the funds and debts of the decead on the date of death. Co-owners of the estate, personal and contact information of the deceased, widow, heirs and the beneficiaries of the will, the funs and debts and a genealogy report of the deceased from 15 years of age are among the information needed. The estate inventory must be made during three months from the date of death. More time may be applied for from the Finnish Tax Administration. The estate inventory is delivered to the Finnish Tax Administration.