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Funeral Home Services

Death will touch every one of us at some point. The death of a loved one in particular is always a shock. Even amidst the grieving, practical measures must be taken for burying the deceased. The easiest thing to do is to contact a funeral home that will take care of all the requests of the family related to burial. Funeral homes also offer support and help with all questions related to burial. You can find the contact information of the nearest funeral home here.

Basic instructions for families

The Finnish Association of Funeral Services has drafted basic instructions for families of the deceased. You can order these basic instructions free of charge by e-mail from info[at]

Funeral and memorial service

The funeral will take place according to the religion or worldview of the deceased and the wishes of their family. The deceased may also have given instructions for their funeral during their lifetime. You can find more information about planning the funeral here (in Finnish). 

If the family wishes, the funeral home will contact the church and reserve a chapel or church, agree on a time for the funeral service with a priest, reserve a burial place and make arrangements for other details related to the funeral and burial.

The deceased will be either buried or cremated in a coffin. The ashes of the deceased are usually buried in a cemetery in an urn or scattered in a memorial garden. With the permission of the landowner or the owner of the water area, ashes may also be buried or scattered into nature. The coffin, and if necessary, the urn, will be obtained from the funeral home. The funeral home will also obtain all necessary permits. The funeral home will take care of dressing up the deceased, placing them into the coffin and transportation. The family may be present for the transportation of the deceased, if they so desire. Short departing prayers may be said at the time of transportation.  

Funeral homes offer advice for planning the funeral service or moment of farewell and program for the memorial service. Before service, the family will have a discussion with the priest officiating the service, at which time they will also agree on the hymns to be sung. The rest of the music at the service will be discussed with the cantor.

From a funeral home, you can also order a flower ornament for the coffin, the family’s memorial flowers, decorations for the chapel and the venue of the memorial service and memorial service catering.

After the funeral

Funeral homes also help in the design and acquisition of the monument for the grave, or carvings to an existing headstone.

Funeral homes offer help and advice for organizing an estate inventory. During estate inventory, a deed of inventory will be drawn which specifies the state of the estate on the day of the death of the deceased. This information includes things such as the personal and contact information of the deceased, their widow, the heirs and recipients of the last will of testament as well the estate’s assets and debts. Estate inventory must be done within three months from the day of death.